First, I listen.

Tell me about your business, your goals, your customers, your staff — everything.


(This begins during your free consult.)

Then —

With you I figure out how to help you achieve your goals. Period.


Marketing and business communications and their implementation have been evolving at warp speed.

Most businesses and solo practitioners simply need guidance and directions to the resources that can help them navigate the ever changing and always complex digital marketing world.


  • Improve search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Find the best media platforms to reach prospects and customers
  • How to maintain a level of engagement that builds business.

Much of the change in how marketers reach people — your customer —  is making it easier to reach your customers — you just need to know what the people with marketing assistance know….


  • social media is cost-efficient
  • learn to use the tools (and the tricks that the big guys use)
  • know when and how to use traditional media. It’s not hard and you can even get free stories (publicity) about your company. Ask me how.
  • Marketing your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or drudgery — especially when more customers come to you.
  • I show you how to build fun!
  • I am with you every step of the way.

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