“Everything you want is out there for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. You just have to take action to get it.”

-Jack Canfield


As rewarding as owning a business can be—financially and personally—there is no doubt that it can also be a grind. Even the most motivated may have times when they’re unsure about their vision and purpose. The question is, when those days come, will you be ready for them? And what tools will you need to overcome the challenges you face? Unfortunately, neither Google nor a Forbes subscription will have the answers. Instead, the better approach may be to turn to a professional business consultant to show you the way.  Consider issues nearly every entrepreneur seems to face, at one time or another:

  • A/R shortfalls: Late-paying customers threaten your ability to make payroll
  • Vendor issues: Poor quality or unreliable delivery make it difficult to fulfill contracts
  • Hiring employees: It’s hard to attract great staff, and it’s even more difficult to keep them
  • Infrastructure: You need workable calendaring, bookkeeping and other processes that make sense now, but are scalable—so you don’t have to re-invent the administrative wheel every six months
  • Stretched too thin: There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But prioritizing is difficult because everything on the to-do list is essential to growing your business. 
  • No matter what the particular challenge of the day is, in order to succeed, having a great team at your side is essential. But a great team is more than a staff, vendors and customers. It’s also having personal confidants you can turn to for sage advice: It’s mentors who can guide you through the tough times. Those who believe in you, understand your vision, and can help you see how to turn your dream into reality. 

I know how essential all this is, because I’ve been there myself.   I’ve had 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, a business strategist, and marketing and public relations professional. I’ve been a small business owner, and I’ve worked in large organizations with Fortune 500 clients.  I’ve watched how small alterations—a new location, a new manager—can significantly affect a company. I’ve seen how more dramatic changes, such as a new technology, can utterly transform an entire industry overnight. The companies that succeed, no matter the change, are those that strategize and plan. The leaders who succeed are those who are both personally and professionally resilient.   I myself have had professional successes and failures — many. And personal pain as well. When my late husband was fighting brain cancer, I gave up everything, including my business, to tend to his needs. When he died, I was alone and uncertain how to pay a mountain of expenses.  Despite financial, emotional and social struggles, I kept my positive attitude and was determined to rebuild. And I did, with great success.  This experience—overcoming the challenges that life throws at us—made me want to help others, those who are ambitious, but they, too, may face hard times. This desire became the catalyst for my coaching agency, On-Call Marketing.  For me, setting intentions is the key. I am a certified Law of Attraction coach, and I work with business owners to help them with goal-setting and then, goal-achieving. Whether it’s a personal issue, a struggle for clarity in a business mission statement, writing a marketing plan or staying current digitally—my mission is to coach others to be their greatest, best version of themselves.  The problem with many entrepreneurs is that the same independent spirit that drives them to start companies can eventually become a liability. You came this far on your own, and you feel like that’s how it always has to be. However, it’s just not true. A surgeon can’t operate on himself! You don’t have to go at  this alone. You can (and should) expand your team. Find great mentors, supporters and coaches. You want people who can give you insight. You want people who will hold you accountable—not to their standards, but to your own.  I’d be honored if I can join your team. Let’s schedule your FREE 20-minute consult today, to see how we could work together, so you can achieve your goals and create the company and life you dream of.